Top Reasons to Choose Fall for Your Camping Adventure


Don't pack up your RV and camping gear just yet!

We know it's the end of summer... end of warmer weather and sunny days but take a moment before you pack up your camping gear because the end of summer is also the Beginning as well... Beginning of the new school year, cool temperatures, and beautiful fall colors!


In fact, it is often said that fall is one of the most beautiful times to experience the Canadian nature trails and enjoy the outdoors before the Great North gets covered in white and the infamous winter season arrives.

Here are our top 5 reasons why we think it is an excellent choice to experience camping in your RV in the fall weather:

Mild Weather: The not-so-warm-yet-not-chilly weather is just setting in which makes it an ideal time to relish and enjoy the warmth of a campfire while cozying up with your loved ones and enjoying the starry night sky thanks to the shorter days. And when you travel with a TAXA trailer RV or the like, you get the comforts of your home while enjoying the great outdoors.

Insect Relief: Unwanted bugs and mosquitoes are guests who often accompany summer camping. Opting for a fall trip, just before the first frost, drastically reduces the pest population making it more fun and convenient to take these trips and be outdoors with your RV and more.

Picturesque Nature: Canadian fall weather has an undeniable and unmatchable beauty, with the breathtaking transformation of leaves into a vivid array of colors. If you're lucky enough to camp in an area with changing leaves, nature's artwork will amaze you, inspire you, and refresh you!


Economical Rates of RV grounds: Who doesn't love saving money? Campgrounds often charge higher rates during the peak summer season thereby camping in the off-peak fall months works out to be less expensive in comparison.

Enhanced Site Choices for RV traveling: During the summer rush, securing a preferred campsite can be challenging. However, during the shoulder season, you stand a better chance of reserving that coveted spot and enjoying the peace and quiet that you long for when you get out of the city.

Embarking on a fall camping journey is an experience that you shouldn't miss out on, especially if you have an RV that can take you away while offering you all the necessary comforts. If you're looking to buy an RV for your next adventure, we can help! We offer easy and flexible payment options, quick approvals, and convenient financing so that you can enjoy the outdoors without compromising on your comfort.