RV traveling with Pets!


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Traveling with pets is a common query when someone is looking for an RV available for sale nearby, and whether one is looking to buy a used RV or a new RV. It can be a great experience for both, the owner and the pet if you are prepared. Whenever you're looking at RV for sale nearby, ensure that you talk to the sales personnel about how friendly the vehicle is for pets. Most versions, whether you're looking to buy a used RV or a new one, have separate spaces for pets that are big enough to put in their comfortable beds, their food, and more. This little bit of extra space makes life so much easier on the go.


You can buy RVs in London Ontario at the youngest member of the Empire Auto group, Empire RVs! We bring you a vast inventory of new and used RVs, toy haulers, travel trailers, motorhomes and so much more. Read on to know our quick tips for traveling with pets in an RV:

Whether you're buying a New or Used RV, find the right fit: Before you hit the road with your pets, you'll need to find an RV that suits your needs. Make sure you choose a model that has enough space for your pets to move around comfortably. Proper ventilation is also one of the important criteria that you should be looking at. Empire RVs can help you buy a new or used RV in London Ontario that fits your budget and your requirements.

Plan your route: When traveling with pets, it's important to plan your route in advance. Make sure you choose pet-friendly campgrounds and RV parks along the way. Research any regulations or restrictions on traveling with pets in the areas you plan to visit. This will save you so much headache, and money as well because some places charge a fee for pets.


Pack the essentials: Pack essentials for your pets including food, water, bowls, medications, bedding, toys, and any other items your pets may need to stay comfortable on the road.

Keep your pets safe: When traveling in an RV with pets, safety should always be a top priority. Make sure your pets are secured during travel, either by using a harness or crate. Never leave them unattended in the RV because it is a confined space, so you want to make sure that they are safe and have enough space to move around. Always carry a first aid kit for them as well for any emergencies.

Take breaks: When traveling with pets in an RV, it's important to take breaks and allow your pets to stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Plan frequent stops at pet-friendly rest areas, and make sure your pets are always leashed when outside the RV.

In summary, traveling with pets in an RV can be a wonderful experience, but it's important to plan and take the necessary precautions to keep them safe and comfortable. And the first step to do so is to talk to an expert salesperson when you're looking for an RV for sales nearby. At Empire RV sales London, Ontario, you can buy a used RV or a new RV and get excellent financing options, a $0 downpayment option, and quick approvals. Contact us today!