Maintenance Tips for RVs


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It's almost summer & that means it's time for the outdoors! The RV sales in London Ontario see a high as well during this season, but so do the RV service centers. Most of these trips to the service center don't necessarily need to be an unduly high expenditure. With these simple, quick, and easy-to-follow tips, you can maintain your RV regularly and keep your service costs to a minimum. This might sound time-consuming but it's worth it and it helps you save some big bucks in the longer run.


The most important tip that we or any RV or Trailer sales person in London, Ontario, or elsewhere can give you especially if you're a first-time buyer, is that the maintenance is divided into two categories.

Before you read through, and we can't stress it enough, the number one rule for RV maintenance is that you read the owner's manual. There might be some specific concerns that the manufacturer might want you to keep an eye out for.

Read on to find the tips & tricks to maintain and clean the exteriors of the RV.

The General maintenance tips for maintaining the exteriors, whether you own a new or a used RV include:

  • Cleaning and washing the RV/Trailer, especially after a trip. When you buy a used or new RV sold by reputed dealers like Empire RV in London Ontario, you can always speak with your salesperson or service technician and know more about the "How to". However, for more generic advice, read on...

    You can use a soft brush or a large size sponge along with a mild detergent. Avoid using a pressure hose as it can lead to damage to the exterior body as well as damage to the hinges and fittings. Don't miss those undercarriage areas as they collect a lot of dirt and grime. If your owner's manual agrees, polish your RV trailer with wax even if you're just parking it because the wax will protect the exteriors from dirt and weatherproof it as well.

  • Checking the roof & awning for damages. Awning tends to bear a lot and therefore, it's important for you to maintain it well. Make sure it's clean, dry, and has no build-up, leaves, etc. before you roll it up.

    Check the roof from the outside and inside for any leaks, cracks, or loose joints from where water can creep in. If there is one, get it repaired immediately. If it looks beyond a DIY repair, talk to your technician immediately and stop the damage right then and there. If you're registered with us at Empire RV Sales, London Ontario, just give us a call to book an appointment for a technician to handle damage control immediately.

  • Checking & maintaining tire Pressure is underrated. However, if it is too low, the axles and wheels can be damaged. If it is too high on the other hand, the grip on the road will be less and the tread will wear out quickly. Check your manual or the sidewall where the correct measurement will be stamped. It is recommended that you check the tire pressure before every drive! Invest in a handheld gauge, it'll be worth it. Also, keep a check on the wheel lug nuts since the trailer travels on uneven roads. You can never be too careful with the tires.

  • Checking & maintaining the holding tanks is something that we don't even have to mention! The maintenance for those goes without saying. Usually, any travel trailer will have three holding tanks including Fresh Water, Grey Water, and Black Water tank. Use purifying filters or tablets as applicable for your freshwater tank every time you fill it up as per the manufacturer's recommendations. As for the grey tank, you should be emptying this regularly to prevent stagnant water. You should sanitize it regularly. Emptying and cleaning black water-holding tanks will help you keep the smells away. Don't forget to sanitize these regularly as well.

  • Trailers & Brake lights maintenance is not just good for you but legally necessary as well. Check the wiring for any cracks. Driving without working brake lights, number plate lights, turn signals, or taillights are not legally permitted.

  • Towing equipment or Hitching equipment is crucial, and they need to be well maintained. Check for rust, and if there is a requirement for sealers, couplers, greasing, etc. regularly. This is to ensure hassle-free hitching whenever you're heading for a trip.

  • The health of the chassis needs maintenance too. Things that you should check regularly include but are not limited to fluid levels like radiator coolant, clamps, and hoses for the radiator, heater, etc. Wiper blades, engine gauges, and air filters are some things to check on in case they need replacing from wear. Refer to your manual or talk to your technician to know what you need to keep an eye on. In our service center, we have also noticed issues with belts which could've been avoided if the owner had brought in their RV the first time, they noticed an unusual sound or an issue with the movements. When you're here for trailer sales in London Ontario, at Empire RVs, make sure you speak with our service advisors for maintenance tips as well.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, but we have tried to cover most of the stuff that you should look out for. However, if you need further help, at Empire RV sales, London, Ontario we offer RV servicing as well. For service or for a new or used Trailer sale or RV sales in London, Ontario, and surrounding areas, contact us and our financial experts will help find the vehicle just for you.