How to Choose the New or Used RV that's Right for You!


The Different Types of RVs

Pondering over which RV is the one for you? We're here to make the decision a little simpler...


The most important piece of advice we can offer is to personally view the RV, trailer, motorhome, or any other type of camper you are considering before making a decision. You can view a vast variety of New and Used RVs in London ON at Empire RVs. Further, read on to know more about different types of RVs and assess which size suits you the best.

Assess the needs of your family:

Before you dig deeper and begin typing on the search engine to find New as well as Used RV Dealerships near me, you need to consider the needs of your family. Think about the number of members who would travel around with you, their ages, camping duration, and desired amenities. This will help you make an informed decision and ensure comfort while camping out. Do consider including your pets when looking for a suitable option because not all are equipped to handle traveling with pets.

The Compact & Versatile Travel Trailers:

If you prefer a compact and nimble option, these trailers are worth considering. The small campers are ideal for smaller families or couples who prioritize mobility and efficiency. A variety of these types of trailers can be towed around with your regular SUVs. They don't necessarily need the bigger and more powerful trucks.

Talk to our experts at Empire RVs London, who can help you decide which trailer can easily be towed by your current car. There is a vast inventory available for new and used RVs in London ON at Empire RVs, for you to find the one that doesn't require an investment in a new car as well.

These are popular choices for families seeking comfort and convenience on their camping trips. Explore different lengths and floor plans, their features, sleeping arrangements, and amenities that you require.

The spacious, sometimes extravagant Fifth Wheels:

These campers are towed by pickup trucks and do have a minimum requirement in terms of engine power that is required. These provide ample living space, multiple bedrooms, and additional storage. These are excellent when you're traveling with pets as well. These are definitely to be considered if you like to travel large, no matter where you go!

Motorhomes: All-in-One Camping Experience:

Motorhomes, also known as RVs (recreational vehicles), offers the ultimate camping experience with unmatched convenience. With various sizes and classes available, you can explore the different classes of motorhomes at Empire RVs; your go-to for buying a new or used RV in London ON.

Discuss the features, sleeping capacities, and driving experience along with factors like maintenance, fuel efficiency, and storage requirements. Under each category, there are a few different varieties available. Once you figure out the broader range, then it's time to dig deeper.

Other Factors to Consider before buying a New or Used RV:

Budgeting, weight limits, campsite compatibility, safety features, etc. are a few of the things that can help you narrow down the list.

Do your research about the RV types and talk to an RV expert as well, to make an informed choice. To speak with your local new and used RV dealership in London ON, talk to us at Contact us